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Single-term presidency – the guarantee for the change of authority


As you know, the presidential form of government is practiced in many countries around the world. And wherever there is an institution of a strong presidency, the head of state is the main executor of the will of the people. He is not only the personification of the supreme power. Rather, he is called upon to translate reforms into reality, to take on the burden of responsibility and the brunt of the consequences of the changes taking place in the country.

In this regard, it should be emphasized that the main emphasis of the current political reforms should be placed on the singleness of the presidential term. Let us note that such an undertaking is quite an interesting, important and responsible step on the way to establishing a more stable and future-oriented political system in Kazakhstan, with quite visible timeframes and limitations imposed on the executive branch of power.

Besides, introduction of one-time 7-years term of presidency comes from our recent history, which showed the perniciousness of repeatedly re-electing the acting head of the state to the highest state post. In addition, it is also a cumulative reduction in the presidential term of office, since from now on all presidents will be elected once for seven years instead of twice for five years. The reduction of the presidential term of office thus creates a balance of power and a more flexible policy for the incumbent head of state.

It should also be noted that the invariability of the new provisions for the introduction of a single presidential term will be stipulated by law in the main document of the country that is the Constitution. This will exclude the possibility of manipulation of innovations in this matter in the future for the next generation of politicians aspiring for the highest office in the country. In other words, the introduction of a single presidential term should be regarded as an effective barrier to the re-election of future presidents of the country, which will eventually allow a regular change of presidents.

Mukhit ASSANBAYEV, chief research fellow of KazISS under the President of RK

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