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New ideas, consolidation of Kazakhstanis and a clear course towards democratization


The forthcoming presidential elections were initially dictated by the logic of constitutional reform. The Constitution of the country was updated by almost a third, which began the implementation of the political transformation of the country, announced by the President. Therefore, holding early elections of the president, parliament and maslikhats is necessary to restart these political institutions.

On the other hand, the complex geopolitical situation actualizes the demand of Kazakh society for a clear strategic vision of the development of our country. In this regard, elections take on particular significance.

Firstly, elections will unite the people of Kazakhstan, our civil society around the idea of democratic transformation. For each adult in Kazakhstan elections are implementation of the right to participate in the formation of politics as well as an opportunity to demonstrate an active civil position.

Secondly, political associations and their leaders will have an opportunity to present their vision of the country’s development on a national scale, to discuss ideas and mechanisms to improve the lives of all Kazakhstanis. Active public associations may present non-standard concepts, new approaches and solutions.

And finally, just now the elections will allow us to consolidate the course for democratic transformation of political institutions and procedures in the name of building a fair Kazakhstan. The basic political institutions are tested through elections.

Thus, the upcoming elections are not only a consistent implementation of political reforms, but also an opportunity for consolidation of Kazakh society and renewal of trust to government institutions during these difficult historical times.

Gulmira Tukanova, Senior Research fellow at KazISS under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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