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Kazakhstan’s new orbit of sovereign development


The eventful year of 2022 was a turning point in the history of Kazakhstan. Tremendous changes in the structure of power and power relations took place. Constitutional transformations were aimed at democratizing power and moving away from its monopolization. From the beginning of the year the need was obvious not only for changes, but also for their systemic framing in the presidential and party election platforms. New presidential and parliamentary elections were announced for this purpose.

A clear self-determination of Kazakhstan in the political field inside the country, a clear program of the future president as the guarantor of the unity of the people should satisfy the demand for reforms for their consistent and stable implementation in the future.

Everyone who meets the constitutional electoral requirements has an opportunity to propose their vision of the country’s development. Public associations can put forward their leaders to articulate the interests of the population based on their own monitoring of the situation and analysis of data. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate their interelectoral activity.

The presidential election this year, predicted by some experts since the beginning of the year, is called to finally bring Kazakhstan to the stage of a new history and to form a fair state.

In those steps, which were already taken in this year’s message and in the referendum, the key reference points of the current power, which it intends to adhere to in case of its victory in the elections, were outlined. This is the focus on the adequate political and socio-economic development of Kazakhstan, taking into account the past experience and challenges of the future.

Tatyana Lipina, Senior Research fellow of KazISS under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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